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Change Is A Good Thing

You all have been on our journey from the very beginning. You were there for every appointment, every test, every surgery, every late night hospital admission. Thank you.

As we get further out from transplant, we have found ourselves transitioning into a new season of life. This new season has slowly changed our focus and priorities both individually and as a family. Instead of focusing on surviving clinic appointments, blood draws and administering medicines, we now focus on things such as school, extracurricular activities and developmental milestones. With this positive transition, we have found our content shifting as well. As opposed to frequent medical updates, we find ourselves sharing about the various in and outs of our daily lives. That includes the measures we take to maintain Hudson's health, social development and speech (just to name a few things). This new season has also involved recognizing that this journey has changed who we are as individuals, as a couple and as a family. We know this shift in content may not appeal to all audiences. That is why we wanted to write this post.

For those that make the decision to 'unsubscribe' or 'unfollow' us, thank you for being part of our family & lifting us up when we needed you the most. It is an honor to have your friendship, love and support - truly.

To those that continue to follow our journey: you can expect the unexpected. We are approaching the blog's new direction the same way we approach life: one day at a time! The content, topics and discussions will reflect where our family is at that moment. That will include the good, the bad and the ugly. It is our hope that our continued transparency will not only speak to those living life after transplant but also provide a glimpse of our lives to our friends and family outside of Seattle. We don't exactly know what the future holds for us but what we do know is that we are thrilled to have you along for the ride!

Thank you for the past 3+ years and I look forward to communicating with you all very soon! Take care and stay well!


The Hills

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