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Oh hey, come here often?

Because I haven't.

Long time no talk (7 months to be exact!)

We just completed our first round of labs, clinic and ultrasound for 2019 and everything looks wonderful!

Some stats to catch you up:

Hudson is almost 36 inches tall (64th percentile) and just shy of 30 pounds (58th percentile)

We have been doing ultrasounds, labs and clinic every 3 months since Hudson's stent was placed back in July. They wanted to make sure the portal vein tolerated the stent and the blood flow remained steady.


Join our campaign.

I have been working on some exciting things for April's Donate Life Month. I will be rolling out tons of things to celebrate, educate, share and advocate.

One of the Donate Life campaigns I began was the #HeyEllen social media campaign.

I created a post for people to share/copy/paste and include pictures of the people that have inspired them to advocate for organ donation. In that post, people are using the hashtag #HeyEllen and tagging The Ellen Show. The goal is to share and demonstrate the many faces of organ donation and how many people it impacts. My hope is that in demonstrating this, it will inspire Ellen to discuss the topic of organ donation and Donate Life Month on her show in April. Please look at either my (Jordan Sarbaugh Hill), Morgan's Facebook page or Hudson's Instagram page to see the post. You can simply copy/paste the post and include pictures of whomever inspires you to talk and advocate organ donation. Please do not feel obligated to use pictures of Hudson. Use anything that inspires you. It is less about Hudson and more about the movement.

Make sure your post is set to "Public" and you use the hashtag #HeyEllen and tag Ellen in the post (you can do this on FB by typing @ellenDeGeneres or @ellentv and it will pop up). I will also provide the text below for you to copy and paste on your social media.

We have already had hundreds of people participate, post & share so THANK YOU for your help! Please help us keep it going!


**Social media text below for you to copy, edit and paste**

#HeyEllen Ellen DeGeneres ⬇️ THIS ⬇️ is my reason for celebrating Donate Life Month in April and why I want your help spreading awareness & encouraging others to register as organ, eye & tissue donors. Did you know? • More than 110,000 men, women and children are waiting for a life saving organ transplant? • Every 10 minutes, another person is added to the nation’s organ transplant waiting list • Every year, 8,000 people will die (on average 22 people each day — almost one person each hour) because the organs they need are not donated in time. • While almost 95% of the population support organ donation, only 58% of the US adult population are registered donors. ——————- 📷 : NAME OF THE PERSON THAT INSPIRES YOU 💚 THEIR TIE TO ORGAN DONATION (see my post for example) ————— ✨POWER IN NUMBERS✨ Help us encourage Ellen to share & celebrate #donatelifemonth by sharing a picture of YOUR reason for wanting to discuss organ donation in April. Copy & paste the above message to your social media page and make sure to tag Ellen DeGeneres & use the hashtags #HeyEllen & #donatelifemonth


My promise to you:

After Hudson's stent placement in July of last year, I really stopped using this blog as a way to communicate to you all. I solely relied on social media (instagram and Facebook) to communicate updates, share pictures, etc...

I apologize for that.

When I created this blog, I did so with the intent of centralizing my updates, thoughts, information, pictures, stories, I could both push information to everyone but also to provide people a 'go-to' place to know exactly where we are in our journey. I plan to get back into that starting now. You have my promise that this blog will be updated regarding the latest with our family.

Thank you for sticking with us - unconditionally.


Jordan, Morgan, Hudson, Dude & Jax

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