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Story of Life: April 2, 2018

In honor of Donate Life Month, we will be highlighting stories of organ donation all month. Our hope in doing this will be to show the many faces of organ donation and raise awareness of the impact and importance.

Today, we highlight the story of a Zanyah and Kristian. Their story illustrates the benefits of living donation. Not only was Kristian able to save Zanyah's life but the living donation process allowed Zanyah to bypass the UNOS Waiting List and in doing so, potentially allowed another individual on the waiting list to receive a needed donor liver.

To learn the benefits of living donation or if you have interest in becoming a living donor, please click here

See Zanyah & Kristian's story here

#Donatelifestories - Do you have or know of a story you would like to see highlighted? Please email We would love to hear it!

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