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Defying Odds (just like the USA Curling Team )


Weight: 9.88kg/21.78lb (Almost 30th percentile!)

Med Count: 4

Tooth Count: 9, maybe 10 (they seem to be all coming in at once!)


Trending movies: Still going strong with Frozen, Tangled and Moana. It's so strange but we seem to have 'forgotten' how to find the movie Trolls...

We had our clinic visit on Tuesday and everything went incredibly well! His liver numbers are slightly elevated due to being sick but everything else looked "beautiful" to quote the doctors.

Post-transplant protocol requires us to get labs done once a month however, we are not scheduled to go back to clinic for 2 months! This is the longest we have gone without seeing a doctor or the inside of a hospital since Hudson was born (knock on wood). An odd feeling that we gladly welcome.

South for the winter

At the end of January, we flew down to Florida to celebrate GG Molly's (Morgan's Grandma) 101st and Charlie's (Morgan's dad) 74th Birthday.

We were excited and eager to go so Hudson could meet everyone that has been following, cheering and loving him from afar. It was especially touching that Hudson finally got to meet his cousins Molly and Claire and his Aunt Katie (Trevor's wife and kids). I guess it was good to see Trevor as well...

Hudson had fun playing with all of Wyatt's (Aunt Bronwen + Uncle Jake's son) toys including trains, cars and little green Army men.

Thank you to everyone who made the trip to FL so special and helped us take every measure to ensure Hudson stayed healthy! It truly meant the world to us to introduce Hudson to you all.

When traveling, the first question everyone has is, "how did the baby do on the plane?" Well, I am happy to report that Hudson was nothing short of a saint. He slept during most of the flights down to FL and slept a lot of the time flying back.

Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish

Let me tell you all a story about one (of many) parenting fails.

We had Hudson's annual evaluation with Early Intervention (OT/PT) in which we review our goals from last year, review his progress and set new goals for this year. One of the questions they asked was, "Is Hudson saying any words?" Both Morgan and I answered, 'no' and continued on with the evaluation. The OT and her director stopped us a couple of minutes later to inform us that Hudson was indeed speaking and had already spoken 3 words during their time there.

Moral of the story, we can now add the number '3' to Hudson's stat board for number of words. I guess Morgan and I have some studying to do to become fluent in Hudson.

"Big" moment

I feel like we went to bed one evening and woke up to Hudson being all grown up. I am waiting to come home to him playing chopsticks on a piano mat (see what I did there, eh?) Everything is just starting to 'click.' Hudson is walking now (as of Sunday), eating everything, drinking from water bottles (bye, bye juice box straws!), brushing his own teeth and really starting to come into his own. It is getting increasingly more difficult to snap pictures but that is exactly what everyone said would happen.

I am always so concerned that I forget to mention the day-to-day accomplishments on the blog. This mama is tired (and sick) so if I am forgetting anything, I am sorry! I always try to capture the daily moments on Hudson's instagram page ( Our household has been battling colds for the past few weeks so we have mostly been getting cozy, watching the Olympics and staying indoors.

Our family is truly blessed and fortunate to have all of you in our lives. Thank you for your continued love and support!


Jordan, Morgan, Hudson, Dude & Jax.

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