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Fight Song

You know those moments when a song comes on and it is the absolutely perfect song for that exact moment in time? I was driving to the hospital this morning when "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten came on (I know, I am about 1+ years late on that) and it just hit the spot. I rolled down the windows and turned up the volume. We enter the weekend and next week with that anthem in our heads, motivated and ready to keep fighting.

Hall Pass

Since Hudson is stable, doctors have allowed our family a 'hall pass' from the hospital for a couple of hours each day. This means we have around 4 hours each day to take Hudson off-campus and enjoy the beautiful summer days. We have spent two of those days at home playing, eating and hanging out. The hall passes have provided our family a breath of fresh air...literally. Well, as fresh as a Canadian wild fire will provide.

Door #2

Yesterday, Hudson had the procedure we've been waiting a week for. Reminder: Hudson's obstructed bile duct gave us two options - try to advance the catheter again or go into surgery and reconstruct the duct. We opted to be optimistic and try advancing the catheter again as this was the least invasive way to try and treat it.

Interventional Radiology (IR) attempted to advance the catheter in his bile duct to his bowels. After almost 3 hours of trying, they were unable to get through the obstruction. This means that Hudson's bile duct is completely obstructed and will need to be reconstructed surgically. Surgeons booked the OR for next Wednesday, Aug. 9th. We will remain in the hospital through Hudson's next surgery and recovery so doctors can continue to monitor Hudson's daily labs (daily labs include his liver function levels, electrolyte levels and immunosuppressant levels) and make adjustments to doses as needed. The silver lining? Although more invasive, this surgery has the potential to shorten the amount of time Hudson has his bile drain and we have been told that there is a good chance that Hudson will not have to spend time in the ICU post surgery. This means his recovery time should be a fraction of the initial transplant recovery time.

Until Wednesday, the bile drain will remain in the duct so all the bile that the liver is producing will drain into an external bag.

I'm Ron Burgundy?

We had the pleasure of participating in an interview by a local news station that will highlight our family's transplant journey. This includes highlights and interviews by Trevor, surgeons and of course, Hudson. We are incredibly happy and grateful to have the opportunity to share our story in hopes that it raises awareness about living organ donation. We will make sure to send everyone the story or the link when it airs and becomes available.

Ugly cry count during that interview: at least 2 for me and I think we can even count 1 for Morgan.

The Skinny

From the day before transplant until 2 days ago, Hudson had lost about half a kilo, weighing around 6.5 kgs or 14 lbs, 9 ounces. We have spent the past few days focusing on his feeding schedules and routines and it is starting to pay off! He is now up to 6.975 Kgs or 15 lbs, 10.5 ounces! I shall continue to let him eat cake.

PS - you're welcome for the conversions

We will update everyone once surgery is complete. In the meantime, we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and can relax and sleep as hard as Hudson.


Jordan, Morgan, Hudson, Dude and Jax

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