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The rollercoaster continues here in Seattle but we end our week on a high note and we celebrate that it is FRI-YAY. Overall, Hudson and his liver are taking all the necessary steps to heal. We had to say our goodbye's to Trevor and Charlie last night as they flew back to NC today, just in time for the movers to finish packing up their house and help them on their journey to DC. Fingers crossed that Trevor's ability to multi-task and stay busy is somehow passed on to Hudson.

Can you make that bag to go?

Last night (Thursday night) Hudson had a procedure where a balloon and catheter were inserted into his bile duct. This will accomplish two things:

  • Most importantly, it will help ensure that as the bile duct heals and does not narrow or completely close.

  • The procedure will also help drain the bile that the liver is producing, reducing the amount of bile backed up in the liver and in his bloodstream. As of this morning, his bilirubin levels had gone down from 4.4 yesterday to 0.1 today (FYI - a 'normal' bilirubin is 0)

Doctors will leave the balloon and catheter in for a couple of weeks with the goal that it allows the swelling in the bile duct to go down and then reevaluate the status of his bile duct and determine next steps. There is a good chance that he will still have the drain when we go home (whenever that is)

Let's get physical

As Hudson begins to feel better, we will start working with the OT/PT team here at Seattle Children's to make sure Hudson doesn't regress on developmental milestones we worked so hard on pre-transplant. I imagine it is going to go as well and be as painful as that time I decided to try running a half marathon after not running for 12 months.

Hangry, Hangry Hudson

The doctors started giving Hudson formula (via his NG tube) again and so far, so good! The food will help wake up his digestive system and get him one step closer to leaving the ICU. Plus, nobody likes a hangry Hudson.

Short and sweet

Although the update is short, we have some great things to focus and work on over the weekend. It is encouraging and uplifting to have tangible things that Morgan and I can work on with Hudson. You don't quite realize how frustrating it is to be on the sidelines until it actually happens. Who would have thought we would enjoy having homework again?

We hope everyone has an amazing weekend. We're optimistic that the next update will be filled with even more good news about our family's progress.


Jordan, Morgan, Hudson, Dude and Jax

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