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the good stuff

Let us just get straight to the good stuff.


Trevor was discharged from UW yesterday and will be resting at our house until he is able to fly home to Katie, Molly and Claire.


Hudson spiked another temperature yesterday morning and throughout the day. Having his belly exposed increased Hudson's chances of infection so the continuous fever acted as extra motivation to the surgeons to get him back into the OR and closed up.

Hudson went into surgery around 2:30 to have his incision closed up and surgeons would look to see if there were any signs of infection that would contribute or cause the fever. They did not see anything so they closed him up. After closing a transplant patient up, doctors want to make sure the tightly closed skin doesn't constrict blood flow to the new graft (organ). They were not happy with the pressures after closing him initially so they reopened and closed him again with a patch to make sure the closed incisions were not too tight.

Hudson had an ultrasound again this morning and the bloods flows are still looking great. The next step is to reduce the sedation so we can remove the breathing tube.

VIP visitor

Hudson and Trevor got to see each other for the first time since the transplant. Not a dry eye in the room!

Behind the Scenes

It is easy to get caught up and focus only on Trevor and Hudson (guilty!) however, there are so many people that have been helping and making sacrifices to make this huge milestone for our family possible, especially this past week. It is important to Morgan and I that these people get the recognition and praise that they deserve because without them, we would not have been able to make all the moving parts work. It really does take a village.

Katie, Molly and Claire (Trevor's wife & daughters)

Linda and Charlie Hill (Morgan & Trevor's parents)

Scott Sarbaugh (My dad)

Keep on postin' on

We're getting word that shirts from the second round of the #freehudson campaign are starting to arrive (wahoo!) We would LOVE it if you sent us an image of you wearing your #freehudson shirt. You can either tag us on social media (tag Jordan Sarbaugh Hill or Morgan Hill on FB or tag on Instagram) or email us your image ( I can't tell you how much it helped having these images sent to us over the past few days. We are working on a project for Hudson so your images are being put to good use, I promise! Thank you in advance!

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