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It's a date!

With final evaluations completed and confirmation from both Seattle Children's and University of Washington, we have a date! Trevor will be giving Hudson part of his liver on Monday, July 10th. I have never looked forward to a Monday more.

Wait, there are two hospitals involved?

Unfortunately, Grey's Anatomy isn't always correct when they show two people next to each other in an operating room.

Surgeons will be removing sections 2 & 3 of Trevor's liver (as indicated in the image on the right) at the University of Washington and then transporting the liver via ambulance 1.7 miles to Seattle Children's where surgeons will be waiting to transplant the liver in Hudson.

Hudson will have his final clinic appointment on July 6th. During the appointment, they will do blood tests, review his meds, go over the schedule the day of transplant and give us a general idea of what to expect after transplant.

Second round success!

The second round of the #freehudson campaign was a huge success. We sold over 75 additional shirts! I never thought I would be so proud of all you procrastinators. Thank you!!

House of Cards

I am going to play the sentimental card (and prove that there is sun in Seattle) and leave you all with the most recent picture of Trevor and Hudson together (taken last week when Trevor was out here completing his final evaluations)

We will continue to update everyone as we get additional details.


Jordan, Morgan, Hudson, Dude and Jax

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