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#hillofajourney: 6/20/17 update


Hudson is now 6.94 Kgs or 15.3 Lbs. This is a huge milestone because this means Hudson is no longer a 1 percent-er!

His fat soluble vitamin levels (all the vitamins that go through the liver and help your body absorb nutrients) were low so we will be making adjustments to his medicines to hopefully bring those levels up before transplant.

Speaking of transplant......

We are officially looking at rescheduling transplant for the second week in July. We are completing some final evaluations over the next few days and once complete, we will have the green light to move forward with the transplant. Fingers crossed that all goes well. I am starting to learn that nothing is set in stone until you're on the operating table.

3 strikes and you're out

We have re-opened the #freehudson campaign so the folks that missed out the first time can get in on the action and support a great cause. There is a saying, "You'll always regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did" - that applies to this so don't be a dumb-dumb and miss out. Click on the link to purchase a #freehudson shirt or make a donation. All profits are going to the Transplant Department of Seattle Children's Hospital.

You officially have my permission to harass people to purchase these. Just tell them that they can thank me later.


If ya got it, flaunt it!

For those that purchased shirts in the first round, Thank you! Merci! Gracias! We have already received some awesome pictures of folks rocking it all around the world. We are so excited to get these images so we can collect and show Hudson how loved he is.

What is she talking about?

For everyone that purchased a shirt, we are looking to have you send us an image of you sporting the shirt on transplant day. This will fill our various social media accounts and email with encouraging images, thoughts and good vibes on a day we will so desperately need it. Tag or email us your image at the below accounts:


Facebook: Tag either Morgan Hill or Jordan Sarbaugh Hill - or both if that tickles your fancy


Cirque de sore legs

Over the weekend, a group of our friends ran either the RNR Half Marathon or 5K. Okay, we use the word "ran" very loosely. Morgan, Bryan and Justin nailed it while I unfortunately had to bow out early due to an injury. I was pretty depressed about it however, I had a very special moment that made it all worth it.

While I was running, I had a gentleman and his wife stop to tell me how much they liked our #freehudson shirts and proceeded to explain that the gentleman was a heart transplant recipient.

While they were telling me their story, I couldn't help but get emotional and tell the man how meaningful and special it was for him to share that with me since my shirt was in honor of my son and his upcoming transplant.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact emotions that swept over me but it was a combination of happiness, pride, admiration and hope. When you're elbow deep in doctor appointments, feeding tubes and blood tests, it is easy to lose perspective and forget about the light at the end of the tunnel.

I needed this positive shift in perspective and glimpse of what life can be like for Hudson post-transplant. Even though I never got the man's name or a chance to speak with him again, I will always remember our brief interaction. It was an incredible and memorable way to spend one of our last weekends out prior to transplant.

Ugly cry count this weekend: 1 (thank goodness)

That's all folks!

That is all for now! As we firm up details, we will make sure to communicate to you. Thank you for the continued support and love!!


Jordan, Morgan, Hudson, Dude and Jax


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