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so close yet so far away

Let me start this update with a giant THANK YOU

Over the course of two weeks, we accidentally raised $5,500 for Seattle Children's Hospital. Why do I say accidentally? Let me explain.

A few months ago, our friends back in Colorado had a shirt made for their daughter with Hudson's face on it with the hashtag "#freehudson." Inspired by the overwhelming support that we (and they) received, we wanted to create something that people could have to show support for Hudson - and BAM - the #freehudson shirt was born and the #hillofajourney campaign was launched!

We thought the shirt campaign would allow the friends and family that expressed interest to buy a shirt. After the first two days, we had raised over $1,500 in sales and donations! It was that moment when Morgan and I realized that we were on to something and we could really make an impact with this campaign.

Fast forward two weeks and $5,500 later, Morgan and I could not be more appreciative and blown away at the support we received for Seattle Children's Hospital. It wasn't Morgan and I that made the campaign successful, it was all of you. We are so proud to call you our friends and family. Thank you.

*insert high-five or pat on the back*

(not alternative) faq's

Q: What do I do with the shirt?

A: wear them whenever you like! If you feel like wearing it multiple days in a row, we're not here to judge.

Q: Is there a specific time or location to wear the shirt?

A: One of the benefits of the all social media platforms is it allows people to participate and be part of something virtually. Although we appreciate all the prayers, well wishes, and good vibes, we thought it would be special for all of you to post or email us pictures of you wearing your shirt the day of transplant. This will fill our Facebook, Instagram or email with the support we will so desperately need that day. We will also be collecting these to save and show Hudson (when he is older) how much love and support there is for him all around the world. Tag us in your pictures on one of the below:

  • instagram,

  • facebook (tag either Morgan, Jordan or both)

  • email

Q: Wait, there were shirts and I missed my chance to get one?

A: Its true, you missed out on a pretty awesome shirt. However, if you were unable to purchase a shirt during the campaign but would still like to have one, please email me (Jordan) and I will see what I can do. The printer requires us to make bulk purchases which means we have to have enough orders to push it through so no promises but I will certainly try.

let the countdown begin!

June kicks off our official transplant countdown!

Conversations over the past few days have pointed to June 28th as the tentative transplant date.

During this process, there has been very little that we can control however, not exposing Hudson to potential germs is something we can and will do. This means we're in lockdown mode. Hudson will no longer run errands with us, go to the dog park with the pups and we will keep his interactions with people to a minimum. Think of it as an "as need" basis. The same goes for Morgan and I.

Don't worry, we have plenty of things to keep us entertained. Hudson has, well, everything while Morgan and I will be memorizing all the lyrics to Moana, Tangled and Frozen.

a new visitor

let me introduce you to Oscar.

We met Oscar when Hudson began sprouting his first two teeth. He visits multiple times a day and if we are lucky, he likes to grace us with his presence between the hours of 1:00AM and 3:00AM. Oscar likes to cry, not sleep, only wants his mom and to be constantly held and cuddled. Two down, 24 to go. I have a feeling Oscar will be with us for awhile...

so fresh and so clean, clean

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Hudson got his first haircut a couple of weeks ago.

quick note

We have had several people ask how they can help while we go through the transplant. I hadn't even thought about that which goes to show that you are all the best people on earth. The truth is, we don't really know how people can help at this moment because it all depends on the how Hudson and Trevor do during surgery and post-op. As we get closer to transplant day and have a better idea of the process and what to expect, we will be communicating ways that people near and far can help.

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