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update: 4/28/17: Long time, no see! (or hear)

Believe it or not, this update has been the hardest to write. In past updates, it was easy to list off the things that were wrong, what we were working on and what the next steps were. I started writing this update and my mind went blank. Why is that? It's because we are living - dare I say it - normally. The daily outings have shifted from hospital and doctor visits to neighborhood walks and playdates and the only thing we are counting these days are diapers and hours on the clock. Yes, there are still things we have to do with Hudson that require extra attention and care however, we are living our most "normal" lives right now. With that, let me update you on some of the highlights.

Going Live!

We recently shared the news that Hudson will be receiving a new liver from his Uncle, Trevor Hill. The doctors describe Trevor as the "perfect candidate" so we are both grateful and optimistic about the outcome.

The surgery will most likely be the last week in June so our focus until then will be to make sure Hudson is healthy and gains as much weight as possible prior to transplant.

slow and steady wins the race

previous weight: 6.02 Kgs

current weight: 6.18 Kgs

Hudson's weight gain has 'slightly slipped' according to the doctors. He is still gaining weight however, it is not as rapidly as they would like. We will continue to trend and watch Hudson's weight to make sure that he is staying on track and address any issues should they arise.

and then there were

(net) 7

Hudson's labs have been great. So great in fact, that the doctors took us off two more meds!

Unfortunately, the labs also indicated that Hudson needed to go back on a medicine we took him off of previously. Eh, two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward, right?


Another item Hudson's labs brought to light was his potential allergy to dairy. We were using a German formula for his oral feeds (which he liked and would take) however, we are now bottle feeding Hudson the same formula we are pumping into his stomach (Pregestimil 30 K/Cal). Let's hope he grows out of this like most babies...

home sweet home

Our two dogs (Dude and Jax) were staying in Colorado with my (Jordan's) family however, it was important to us to have them back home as soon as our lives stabilized. It is also beneficial to Hudson to be around the dogs prior to his surgery to minimize any exposure issues post-transplant. We're so happy to have all our boys home!

all the small things.

Not all the things we communicate warrant a dedicated section so below section highlights the little things that have occurred over the past few weeks

  • Morgan went back to work after being out for several months. This will allow him to take the needed time off once the transplant takes place

  • We are focusing on getting Hudson to sleep on this right side to avoid any flat spots (he favors his left side almost 100% of the time)

  • Hudson turns 6 months yesterday! (April 27th)

  • The kid still hates tummy time and would much rather spend his time sitting up (or his version of sitting up)

  • We have had the pleasure of experiencing Hudson with a cold for the first time. The drainage combined with the NG tube has caused some issues (and messes) but overall, it isn't too bad. We now have a new love and respect for the aspirating bulb

running our butts off

Morgan and I have decided to run the Seattle Half Marathon on June 18th. We are doing it to bring awareness and support to Hudson's story prior to his transplant. If you would like to run with us, please email me and I will send you to details. Unable to run but still want to support us? We will be creating an online shop to purchase #freehudson shirts. Stay tuned for more information!

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