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update 3/7/17: best in class

showing off.

previous weight: 5.40 Kgs

current weight: 5.58 Kgs

gain of .18 Kgs or 180 grams

This is week #2 of Hudson gaining an average of 26 grams per day. This is about 6 grams more than the required average (15-20 grams per day).

Hudson's growth continues to pleasantly surprise the doctors! It's been explained to us that most children in Hudson's condition would have plateaued or declined by now so they couldn't be happier that Hudson is proving them wrong and continuing to grow. Looks like Hudson is showing off and we couldn't be more proud!

We will continue the status quo (the feeding tube pumping 30mL's into his stomach every hour for 23 hours a day) and see what next week brings!

most improved.

Because Hudson is doing so well, we have been able to focus on developing the physical milestones he is a little behind on such as being able to hold his head up with minimal wobbling and showing signs of reaching for things on purpose.

Although Hudson is not a huge fan of tummy time and would appreciate it if we continued handing him things, we can already see a huge improvement from when we first started working on these milestones last week.

heart of gold.

Hudson had his cardio follow up last week (to monitor his two small VSD's and trival PDA) and we've never been more excited to have someone tell us they don't want to see us again. We will go back for an annual check up on Hudson's first birthday

all the small things.

Not all the things we communicate warrant its own 'section' so below highlights the little things that have occurred over the past week

  • Hudson has been more consistent about taking small volumes via bottle. This is important to push because this is essentially making sure Hudson remembers how to eat and doesn't get too lazy (I mean, if I were getting everything I needed pumped directly into my stomach I would do the same thing!)

  • Jordan celebrated her 32nd birthday over the weekend and Hudson was so kind to help with unwrapping presents. Two of Jordan's best friends flew in and surprised her for the weekend so Hudson (and mom) were spoiled all weekend!

  • Hudson is pretty much sleeping through the night (with the exception of some tossing and turning and the occasional fart that startles him)

phrase of the week: cautiously optimistic

Hudson is pretty much a rockstar and has all the doctors thrilled by his progress. Every week the doctors ask how we are able to take such good care of Hudson and we credit all the love and support we have been receiving from people like you. We continue to move forward cautiously optimistic that Hudson will keep gaining weight and being healthy enough to work on his developmental milestones.

Follow Hudson's Instagram account to see the day-to-day happenings of this happy, loving and all around awesome kid. Instagram page

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