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update 2/23/17: four months young

may the odds be ever in his favor.

previous weight: 5.22 Kgs

current weight: 5.40 Kgs

gain of .18 Kgs or 180 grams

Hudson gained an average of 26 grams per day this week. Although this is down from last week (51 grams per day average) it is still above the required average of 15-20 grams per day.

The nutritionist made the comment that Hudson has "beat all the odds" and is tolerating the most volume via NG tube that she has seen! We have earned that blue ribbon fair and square.

reminder: our goal weight for transplant is 8 Kgs

we're on instagram.

We decided to create an instagram account for Hudson to help capture the moments that are fun, silly, sentimental, cute, sad and everything in between. Follow us and hashtags:






pushing the limits.

Now that we are confident with a routine that works for Hudson, we will begin focusing on some of the other developmental skills we temporarily put on pause. We will be working with the OT on Hudson's neck/back/core strength as well as fine-tune other motor skills such as gripping and reaching. The goal is to start understanding Hudson's limits so we can maximize the 'healthy time' we have prior to the transplant.

four months young.

Hudson will be four months old on the 27th. My mind is blown by that. It feels like both yesterday and a lifetime ago. I don't quite remember what life was like before Hudson. All of it seems so petty and small in comparison now.

The past weeks being at home and experiencing a glimpse of what our life as a family will be like has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you to everyone who has helped us and supported us. By helping, you have allowed us to focus on Hudson and finally experience being a family. Something we will never take for granted. Thank you.


Jordan, Morgan and Hudson

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