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update 2/17/17

this week was filled with wins for our family

fatty mcfaterton.

Previous weight: 4.86Kgs

Current weight: 5.22Kgs

Gain of .36Kgs or 360 grams

Hudson gained an average of 51 grams a day this week as opposed to the 22 grams per day last week.


Our goal is to get Hudson to weigh 8Kgs prior to transplant so this means we have 2.78Kgs to go!

enjoying the great outdoors.

We were able to take Hudson for a stroll around the neighborhood this week. This is the first time we have been able to do this since Hudson was born.

going live.

We recently learned that live donation is a possibility for Hudson. This is huge because up until recently, we were under the impression that we would be required to use a deceased donor.


It's fresh - like reeeal fresh.

You know the Wendy's commercials about fresh burgers being so much better versus frozen burgers? They really are on to something. With live donors, the section of the liver is taken from the donor and immediately given to the liver recipient. This means that there is minimal time that the organ is without blood flow.

Less waiting time.

This buys us time to get Hudson as healthy and as large as possible prior to the transplant surgery.

No compromising.

About 35% of deceased donor livers are 'less than ideal.' There are a number of things that cause a liver to fall into the 'less than ideal' category. They range from age (the liver could be from an older individual) to individual having other medical conditions that may have weakened the liver. The live donor option allows us to get Hudson the highest quality liver available.

Everyone is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

It is a scheduled surgery so the surgical team has had time to prepare and plan the surgery as well as get plenty of rest beforehand

who. what. when.


We are currently in the screening process of potential matches, so we do not need volunteers at this time. Thank you to all the people who have volunteered to potentially go through this life-saving surgery.


Doctors will take the left lateral section of the donor's liver - approximately 15% of the liver. The surgeons will use as many vessels and ducts from the living donor as possible however, they will have cadaver vessels on-hand to ensure the best vascular connections.

Curious about the living donor process?

Watch the University of Washington's Living Donor Program video


Simply put, the surgery will happen when one of the below scenarios occur:

1. Hudson reaches 8 Kgs

2. Hudson stops growing (weight, height and head circumference) despite being on the feeding tube and TPN (nutrition via an IV)

3. His health begins to decline - They would like Hudson to be as healthy as possible going into the surgery so if they see his health begin to decline, they will proceed with the surgery so Hudson can be his strongest self.

The love and support we have received has been nothing short of amazing. I am still in shock from the help we have received from people near, far, old and new. Not only does it provide comfort but it serves as evidence that there are still good people in this world. Thank you.

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