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Update 2/10/17

We are happy to have our update be short and sweet for this week!

Weight Summary (get used to the metric system - sorry folks)

Previous Weight: 4.70 Kg

Current Weight: 4.86 Kg

Gain: .16 Kg or 160 grams - WAHOOOOO

"Healthy" weight gain is between 15-20 grams per day so this means Hudson gained about 22 grams per day this week. We are very lucky right now to have Hudson healthy enough to have gaining weight as our continued focus.

Since he has been tolerating the volumes of food we have been giving him, we increased by 2 mL's each hour which means we are giving him about an ounce and a half more in a 24 hour period. We will see is this helps keep the weight momentum going.

Hudson has been enjoying a spa treatment everyday for the past few days to help get rid of his cradle cap. For those of you that don't know what cradle cap is, consider yourself lucky because it smells terrible and you think your child's scalp is falling off.

It essentially is a layer or 'cap' of dry, dead skin on your child's head. To remove the cap, you must soak your child's scalp in oil (olive, mineral, baby, coconut, etc...) and brush it out of your child's hair - this is the one time I wished Hudson was bald.

We have been very lucky and had two visitors over the past week. Hudson has enjoyed all the extra attention.

Hudson hanging with Lindsey and Justin

Our dogs are having a ball in Colorado with my (Jordan's) sister Skye. They are getting all the love, attention and exercise that they need. We miss our boys so much but know they are being spoiled (as they should!)

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