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friends in low places

Thanks Garth Brooks for that wonderful song however, I interpret those words a little differently now. We have been lucky to meet so many incredibly strong families along our journey so far. There is something to be said about being able to relate to people going through a similar situation as you. Although we are all at what we would consider a challenging - or low in our lives, we have been able to create friendships that help get us through it all. Their victories become your victories and if there is a setback, we all feel it.

It is the type of community that you don't want anyone to be apart of - not because we're too exclusive but because you don't wish this on anyone. However, when you meet a family going through this, you welcome them with open arms. We are all trying to navigate through unchartered territories and I have noticed that there is an unspoken trust among these great people. I can't help but admit that it has made this process a little more bearable. With that, let me thank all of the people we have met along the way so far for helping me cope and allowing our family to be part of yours - even if for a brief moment.

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