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day 2 update

Hello all,

To say the past 48 hours have been eventful would be an understatement. The important thing is that Hudson is trending in the right direction and doing better. A very brief highlight of what we know so far:

Hudson was in septic shock when he was admitted - thank goodness we recognized something was not right and acted on it.

His labored breathing was associated with the acid that his organs were producing as a result of the body fighting the infection - This is getting better

He had an Echo and his heart is okay and they do not foresee it being an issue during the transplant process

An abdominal xray showed that he was extremely gassy from the organs producing gas and acid as the body fought infection. This is making him incredibly uncomfortable but it is something that he just has to work out.

Labs are showing that his overall condition is improving however, his already failing liver took a hit and its function is declining. This is not shocking to us however, what it actually means will be determined in the coming days when we meet with the transplant team and evaluate Hudson's health.

A feeding tube was put in today to give Hudson the calories and energy his body needs to fight the infection. We tried having Hudson feed normally but he had no interest in a bottle. It is essential for the transplant process that Hudson gain or at the minimum maintain weight so not taking in nutrients or calories is not an option so we have to do what we can to help.

Hudson will remain in the hospital a minimum of a week so they can continue to administer medicine and fluid via IV. I will continue to update as we receive more information but the important thing we will focus on is to get Hudson comfortable, resting and healing.

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