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hudson's first (and hopefully last) ambulance ride

Yesterday, Hudson woke up from his nap breathing differently than he had before. He had a temperature of 102 and started looking pale. I knew something was wrong when he didn't like my singing (because everyone who knows me knows that I have a voice of an angel)

We went to the closest ER (Swedish in Ballard by our house) to ensure he could get emergency care should he need it and then transfer him to Seattle Children's via ambulance. Hudson was admitted to the Children's ER where they monitored his breathing, blood pressure and heart rate as well as temperature. He was admitted from the ER to the Surgical team at Children's that specializes in Transplants. His condition did not improve and his blood pressure continued to drop so they called the rapid response team and got him to the ICU where he could be monitored more closely. It was a very surreal moment because as a parent, part of you emotionally responds to your child struggling but the other part of you gets into 'parent mode' and just does what needs to be done to make your child better. It was one of the times, throughout this entire journey so far, that I felt completely helpless.

The rest of the evening (and into this morning) was spent getting him comfortable and stable as well as drawing blood and running tests to determine the next steps in his treatment. The #silverlining in all of this is that Hudson got to meet his transplant doctors a little earlier than we planned and it gave them the opportunity to get to know Hudson and his health. We feel like we're in good hands and the nurses and doctors are working round the clock to make sure Hudson - and we - are as comfortable as possible.

For now, we just have to practice patience (not our strong suit) and wait to get results of tests and blood work.

Right now Hudson is able to comfortably rest and enjoying all the attention that he, and his hair, are receiving. We will continue to update the blog as we get updates.

THANK YOU to everyone but a giant thank you to Kristen and Todd Crosley, Rebecca and Iris for dropping everything last night and this morning to help us get Hudson safe and take care of our family (including our fur babies)

I would also like to thank the nurse that literally put me to bed this morning after I had fallen asleep sitting up....and snoring.

More to come.

Jordan, Morgan and Hudson

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