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learning about ourselves

As I get older, I continue to learn things about myself. Much to my surprise, my reaction to life-changing events has been to use or share my experience to help others. When my mom got sick and passed away from cancer, my response (which is still true to this day) was to make everyone aware that they should cherish and take advantage of having their loved ones around. It was a lesson I learned the hard way and I made it my mission to try and communicate and instill that in others.

When I found out the extent of Hudson's medical issues, I had the same response. I immediately felt this passion to help others - both children and parents - going through what we are going through. Though we are just beginning what will be a lifelong battle, I continue to have the instinct to help others going through similar situations. What I can offer at this point in time is this blog and my honesty. I am hoping that if anyone, for any reason, finds a little comfort in reading the accounts of our lives and experiences, then mission accomplished.


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