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moving on up, moving on up.... to seattle children's

Last week we officially got the referral to Seattle Children's to explore the transplantation process for Hudson. As parents, you have a gut feeling or an intuition about your kids so it was something Morgan and I had prepared for however, when you hear the words come out of the doctor's mouths, it still manages to make your stomach sink and your eyes water. Once we got over our initial "oh shit, this is real" moment, Morgan and I have been focusing on gathering various medical history documents, insurance information and various admin things required to start the evaluation process at Children's. We must go through an extensive 2-day evaluation process to determine if Hudson is a candidate for a new liver. At the end of the evaluation, we will understand how the doctors rate Hudson's condition and what the next steps are.

Seattle Children's has all the documents they require so they are reviewing and will call us to schedule the evaluation in the next 2 weeks.

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