Let me start by saying that I normally do not buy into or approve of people who make group pages or blogs. In fact, I am normally annoyed by those people. My judgement always came from the opinion that if I were close enough to an individual, they will let me know what is going on - I don't need to read about it in a blog or post. I would like to take this moment to officially remove my foot from my mouth now and apologize for that opinion. Expecting someone to drop what they are doing and provide a customized update was selfish and ignorant and would be a full-time job on top of whatever they are already going through. It was that realization that inspired me to create this blog. I hope to use this as a genuine and effective way to dispense information and updates to all those we care about.
I would also like to throw it out there that constructing and managing this is a little a selfish. I am hoping to use this as a therapeutic outlet and force me to slow down and accurately document our family's experience. I cannot guarantee professional writing or fancy web design but I can promise to be honest and unfiltered. With that being said, let me thank everyone for their love, support and good vibes.


Seattle, WA, USA

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