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Hello to those that have followed us from the beginning to those that are just getting to know us!
This blog was created when our family began the liver transplant process with our son, Hudson. We created this blog as a way to communicate with friends and family from all around the world. Our blog posts consisted of notes from appointments, updated timelines, developmental milestones, etc...
In July, we will be celebrating Hudson's 6th transplant anniversary. Over these 6 years, our lives have naturally shifted in a different direction. Instead of our calendars and schedules being dictated by doctor's appointments, changes to his care routine and pending results, our schedules are now dictated by a happy, healthy six year old - and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

So what is life like "on the other side" of transplant? Well, we're still trying to figure that out. We continue to learn more about Hudson, ourselves and our family. I decided to keep the blog going because although we live a fairly normal life here in Seattle, we still are constantly making adjustments & learning new things about post-transplant life. It is my goal that by sharing our lives, victories & failures, we can help other transplant families on their journey and keep communicating with you, our tribe. We hope you find our content useful and always appreciate your feedback!

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