#hillofajourney serves as a vessel to communicate the challenges, triumphs and progress of our lives. Our readers can expect honest and detailed updates on our family as we tackle Hudson's medical issues. Will it be sappy at times? Yes. Will it be brutally honest? Absolutely. Will it help our readers understand what our family is going through? That's the goal.


February 28, 2018

Stumbling upon this essay by Emily Perl Kingsley today proves to be one of life's serendipitous moments. This essay, written in 1987, is still as relevant today as it was 31 years ago. I share this with you to help celebrate and give perspective to all the "Holland" mo...

February 24, 2018


Weight: 9.88kg/21.78lb (Almost 30th percentile!) 

Med Count: 4 

Tooth Count: 9, maybe 10 (they seem to be all coming in at once!)


Trending movies: Still going strong with Frozen, Tangled and Moana. It's so strange but we seem to have 'forgotten' how to find...

February 14, 2018

While some see February 14th as a time to show their love with flowers or chocolates, we see it as a time to show love by registering to be a donor and give the gift of life. 

 National Donor Day is a time to focus on all types of donation – organ, eye, tissue, blo...

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