#hillofajourney serves as a vessel to communicate the challenges, triumphs and progress of our lives. Our readers can expect honest and detailed updates on our family as we tackle Hudson's medical issues. Will it be sappy at times? Yes. Will it be brutally honest? Absolutely. Will it help our readers understand what our family is going through? That's the goal.


July 30, 2017

Eight days since our last update and it has been another marathon week full of peaks, valleys and plateaus. 

On Sunday we moved from the ICU to the surgical floor. This was a giant win as it meant one of the best words you can use in the hospital - STABLE.  Hudson'...

July 21, 2017

The rollercoaster continues here in Seattle but we end our week on a high note and we celebrate that it is FRI-YAY. Overall, Hudson and his liver are taking all the necessary steps to heal. We had to say our goodbye's to Trevor and Charlie last night as they flew back...

July 19, 2017

I have had the fear of writing this update for a couple of days. I have this anxiety that as people read and understand our progress, the question of "what does this mean and how long for recovery?" will inherently come up and I won't have an answer for you. I can come...

July 15, 2017

Let us just get straight to the good stuff. 


Trevor was discharged from UW yesterday and will be resting at our house until he is able to fly home to Katie, Molly and Claire. 


Hudson spiked another temperature yesterday morning and throughout the day. Ha...

July 14, 2017

I have been struggling with wrapping my head around the concept that without Trevor, Hudson wouldn't have survived. Trevor saved our son's life. Hudson wouldn't be Hudson without Trevor. Even now, typing those thoughts, it seems surreal. Almost as surreal as these past...

July 12, 2017

It has been a long 48 hours for our family to say the least. Bare with me as I attempt to recap and over simplify the events. When writing this, I struggled to compose a clear and concise story as I kept bouncing back and forth between Trevor and Hudson's surgeries so...

July 8, 2017

We met with several doctors and nurses on Thursday to review the itinerary for Monday and get a general glimpse of what to expect. Below is a very high level summary of what we're going to experience.

 Hudson will be admitted to the hospital Sunday morning. Once in the...

July 5, 2017

Since my mom past away in 2013, all holidays have felt "different." Having that "different" feeling in the days leading up to the Fourth of July came as no surprise. I did all the things I love to do: decorate, cook, listen to music and celebrate with friends. What DID...

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