#hillofajourney serves as a vessel to communicate the challenges, triumphs and progress of our lives. Our readers can expect honest and detailed updates on our family as we tackle Hudson's medical issues. Will it be sappy at times? Yes. Will it be brutally honest? Absolutely. Will it help our readers understand what our family is going through? That's the goal.


June 26, 2017

With final evaluations completed and confirmation from both Seattle Children's and University of Washington, we have a date! Trevor will be giving Hudson part of his liver on Monday, July 10th.  I have never looked forward to a Monday more. 

Wait, there a...

June 24, 2017

After tonight there is only 1 MORE DAY to get your #freehudson shirt or make a donation to Seattle Children's Hospital. Normally, I would tell you to not give into peer pressure but come on, all the cool kids are doing it. 

Click here to join the cool kids club or ...

June 21, 2017


Hudson is now 6.94 Kgs or 15.3 Lbs. This is a huge milestone because this means Hudson is no longer a 1 percent-er! 

His fat soluble vitamin levels (all the vitamins that go through the liver and help your body absorb nutrients) were low so we will be making...

June 14, 2017

I have both good news and bad news on this hump day. Let's start with the bad news. Well, "bad" is the wrong word -- let's say "frustrating" news. 

Hudson's transplant has been pushed back to possibly the second week in July. I guess the #freehudson campaign name might...

June 9, 2017

Let me start this update with a giant THANK YOU 

Over the course of two weeks, we accidentally raised $5,500 for Seattle Children's Hospital. Why do I say accidentally? Let me explain.

A few months ago, our friends back in Colorado had a shirt made for their daughte...

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