#hillofajourney serves as a vessel to communicate the challenges, triumphs and progress of our lives. Our readers can expect honest and detailed updates on our family as we tackle Hudson's medical issues. Will it be sappy at times? Yes. Will it be brutally honest? Absolutely. Will it help our readers understand what our family is going through? That's the goal.


March 17, 2017

The past two weeks have proven to Morgan and I that change isn't always a bad thing. A lot has happened so take a deep breath and let's dive into it.

That'll do.

previous weight: 5.58 Kgs

current weight: 5.80 Kgs

gain of .22 Kgs or 220 grams

Hudson gained almost 16 grams pe...

March 7, 2017

showing off.

previous weight: 5.40 Kgs

current weight: 5.58 Kgs

gain of .18 Kgs or 180 grams

This is week #2 of Hudson gaining an average of 26 grams per day.  This is about 6 grams more than the required average (15-20 grams per day). 

Hudson's growth continues t...

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